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Name: Nizhny Novgorod topographic map, elevation, terrain.

Location: Nizhny Novgorod, Nizhny Novgorod Oblast, Volga Federal District, Russia (56.13202 43.54754 56.42205 44.15477)

Average elevation: 91 m

Minimum elevation: 60 m

Maximum elevation: 208 m

Originally the name was just Novgorod (“Newtown"), but to distinguish it from the other, older and well-known Novgorod (Veliky Novgorod) to the west, the city was commonly called “Novgorod of the Lower lands," or “Lower Newtown.” This land was named “lower” (nizhniy (нижний)), even though it is actually higher in altitude than Veliky Novgorod, because it is situated downstream of other Russian cities such as Moscow, Vladimir and Murom.

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