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Name: Waterford Township topographic map, elevation, terrain.

Location: Waterford Township, Oakland County, Michigan, United States (42.61336 -83.44614 42.70592 -83.32540)

Average elevation: 294 m

Minimum elevation: 279 m

Maximum elevation: 341 m

Like the rest of Southeast Michigan, Waterford Township has a continental climate. It has a higher elevation than Detroit (982 feet (299 m) compared to 585 feet (178 m)), and therefore the township is somewhat cooler than Detroit and other nearby cities. It is moderately cold in the winter with varied snowfall throughout. Spring varies from warm by day to cool at night. The township's warmest weather occurs in the summer with temperatures in the eighty to ninety degree range and typically high humidity. Summer is also the wettest season in the area. In recent years, Waterford Township has seen a few 100-plus-degree days. Fall starts warm, but November ends with high temperatures barely above freezing.

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